Uses of Interface

Uses of ToolMomento in edu.ksu.cis.bandera.tool

Methods in edu.ksu.cis.bandera.tool that return ToolMomento
 edu.ksu.cis.bandera.tool.ToolMomento DisconnectableTool.disconnect()
          Disconnect this tool and return it's current state in the form of a ToolMomento
 edu.ksu.cis.bandera.tool.ToolMomento DisconnectableTool.createToolMomento()
          Create a ToolMomento for this type of tool.

Methods in edu.ksu.cis.bandera.tool with parameters of type ToolMomento
 void DisconnectableTool.connect(edu.ksu.cis.bandera.tool.ToolMomento toolMomento)
          Connect this tool using the given ToolMomento as the start state.