Bandera Roadmap

Bandera development is currently progressing at a steady pace. While a great deal of focus has been shifted to projects like Cadena and Bogor, Bandera is constantly being improved in many ways. This roadmap tries to outline the current vision of where Bandera is headed and tries to guess at times when we will get there. Please note that these times are not even educated guesses, just dreams.

Graphical depiction of Bandera roadmap

Bandera 0.3
The next release of Bandera is 0.3. This release will hold many bug fixes, several new features, and a host of little improvements. The major changes are with the user interface, the counter example user interface, and the ability to deal with dynamic thread creation in applications. There are still several things that hold this release back from wide acceptance but it is getting much closer. The release of 0.3 will likely be in late May or early June 2003.

Bandera 1.0
Bandera 1.0 will be our first release using a new framework. We will be transitioning all of our code to work as a collection of plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE. Therefore, most of the existing code will not be re-used and all current features will be re-designed, re-implemented, and completely re-done to exist as individual plug-ins. This will also be the first version of Bandera to make use of the Bogor model checker. This will be a major step forward in model checking but will be leaving work behind that deals with other model checkers like Spin, DSpin, HSF-Spin, and JPF. After this release, releases will be a little more fuzzy since each plug-in will have it's own release cycle. 1.0 will likely be released during the summer of 2004.